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Gartner Unveils Hottest Storage Trends For 2023
Blocks & Files, Thursday, September 7,2023
Gartner reckons the top enterprise storage trends for 2023 include cloud operating models, new SSD technologies, cyber security against ransomware, and better use of unstructured data for analytical insights.

We get to see its document thanks to cyber storage and protection supplier RackTop Systems, which has made it available.

The Gartner analysts start with a set of strategic planning assumptions, and then lay out the nine top trends in three categories:...

What Is Data Archiving? Definition & Best Practices
Enterprise Storage Forum, Friday, September 8,2023
Data archiving is the process of transitioning inactive or historical data to inexpensive offline storage where it can be retained for future reference or to meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Data archiving frees up the enterprise's resources by ensuring that its fast storage media and processors aren't bogged down by older files or data that's not relevant for day-to-day business operations while preserving that data for future reference or to meet legal obligations. This article provides a closer look at the process and benefits of data archiving and best practices for archiving legacy data.

What Every Executive Needs To Know About Unstructured Data?, Thursday, September 7,2023
In 2022, 90% of the data generated by organizations was unstructured, and only 10% was structured. That year, organizations globally generated 57,280EB of unstructured data - a volume that is expected to grow by 28% to over 73,000EB in 2023.

Seventy-three thousand exabytes of unstructured data is equivalent to the amount of data in over 97 trillion sequenced human genomes; it's also equivalent to the amount of video streamed to 2.7 billion screens 24 hours per day for an entire year.

Unstructured data, or content, is mission critical for organizations. Unstructured data is integral to supply chains, where it is in purchase orders, product inventories, and import/export records. It is in sales agreements, marketing content, contracts, patents, movie scripts, patient treatment notes. It exists in financial earnings reports and employee performance records; it represents the core of design and engineering documents, product specs, and product roadmaps.

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