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Consider These 6 Data Center Cleaning Best Practices
Search Data Center, Thursday, September 7,2023
Data center admins that follow cleaning best practices can extend the life span of equipment and better ensure assets don't get damaged. Use these six tips to keep data centers clean.

Dirty data centers are inefficient and prone to failure. Equipment that is not clean, containing dust or other contaminants, can cost time and money to fix. This makes data center cleaning best practices, such as cleaning servers regularly and keeping subfloors clean, crucial to extending the life span of a data center.

Check out the following six best practices to keep the organization's data centers clean and operating optimally.

Enterprise risk management software helps organizations identify, mitigate and remediate business risks, which can lead to improved business performance. The risk management market is rapidly evolving from separate tools across different risk domains toward more integrated platforms that blend governance, risk and compliance functions with management of cybersecurity, IT and third-party risks.

The growing number and complexity of risks that businesses face put ERM even more in the spotlight for boards of directors, said Kriti Seth, an analyst at research firm Everest Group. Spending on risk and compliance tools is up significantly across different industries, as boards prioritize projects to create more risk-resilient business operations, according to Seth. "Building a robust strategy and choosing the right ERM tool is becoming a critical decision for CIOs," she said.

In addition to pricing, Seth said CIOs, IT managers and business executives involved in purchasing decisions need to consider the reputation of ERM software vendors and the types of risk management frameworks they support. It's also important to weigh the tools across various dimensions involving users, processes and governance impact as well as the technology itself, she added.

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